A portion of all sales will go to NAACP, ACLU and Black Lives Matter in addition

to my annual donations to Planned Parenthood.


Be kind, be helpful and wear a damned mask.

I have the best customers ever and I sincerely care about you guys. Your safety comes before any money I make.
Due to the current state of California and stupid Americans, I cannot ethically attend any indoor or outdoor gathering, even at 25% capacity. I am sorry to have to further cancel any real life event, but I do not want to be the person who gives COVID to someone who have lifelong effects or outright dies.

Please, take all possible efforts to stop the spread until the vaccine is available to every person.


NOT attending

Alternative Dinnerware

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Cthulhu mug, demon mug, zombie mug, creature from the black lagoon mug, black phillip mug, cat mug, bat mug, goth mug, goth, creepy cute, angler fish mug, beholder mug, dungeons and dragons, bulbasaur mug, frankenstein mug, squirtle mug, ghost mug, fugu mug, mothman mug, unicorn mug, windigo mug, spider mug, octopus mug, yeti mug, angry panda, sloth mug.

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