The Ghost mug. Woooooo!!! SO MANY HAPPY!!!
This mug is thrown from Coleman's Porcelain, a sturdy, high grade porcelain that has a lovely matte look unglazed. The inside of the mug is glazed, this one in Tempered Blue, that rests a smooth baby blue and breaks green where thin. The outside was left unglazed and while it looks incredibly cool, it does stand a chance to pick up a stain if it is left in a staining liquid (like coffee, tea, etc) on the outside of it for more than an hour or so. So this mug needs a little more care than my other mugs. Baking soda and soft scrubbing should take a stain off, but no guarantees.
It is, however, still oven, microwave, dishwasher and food safe, so it is totally usable.
This one is a little smaller than my normal ghosts. It is about 4" wide at the base, 3" wide at the rim and about 4" tall and holds about 12 fl. oz.

It was hand-thrown on the wheel and then altered (not like altered like one does to a dog, but altered like eyes and arms added...). He is also food safe, dishwasher and microwave safe.
He has his name (Polarize) his number (11,060), the Skeletal Dropkick logo, "Made in California, U.S.A.", the date and my signature on the bottom.

Happy Ghost Mug

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