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**Sparkle and Holographis stickers excluded**
Just can't decide? Pick out a minimum of 4 favorite stickers and get a discount to boot! If you do not want a multiple of 4, let me know and I will refund the difference. They will still be $2 each.**You must purchase at least 4 stickers for the sale to be valid!**Just let me know by number which ones you want in a message :)

1. Angler Fish

2. Angler Ice Cream

3. Beholder

4. Capy/giraffe friends

5. Corndog Chameleon

6. Creature Popsicle

7. Maneki Cthulhu

8. Death Is Outside

9. Degenerate Squirrel

10. Demon of Disappointment

11. Displacer Kitten

12. Franken-sicle

13. Frog Queen

14. Season's Beatings

15. Love monster

16. Sold Out :(

17. Nospurratu

18. Kitsune Octopus

19. Plague Doctor

20. Rain Frog

21. PsychoBunny

22. Riff Raff Fox

23. SkullBee

24. Possesion Snail

25. Stump and friend

26. Zombie Squirrel

27. Raccoon Trash Queen

28. Yeti and bunny


They measure from 2" by 3" to 2" by 1.25". Made from thick, durable vinyl that is waterproof, UV protected, can last outdoors up to 5 years as they have with a permanent adhesive. I have had a one of these on my car for about 7 years and can attest to its durability. They also stick fast and wear well on water bottles, even through the dishawasher.

4 or more stickers, $2 each!

Excluding Sales Tax
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