Located in a small studio on the Pacific Coast, Skeletal Dropkick is owned and operated by a single human. This human has spent 14+ years expanding her ceramic skills and has thrown 10,300+ pieces.
Her inspiration is found in horror movies, old monster movies, folklore and years spent as an angsty teen-punk-goth in the 80's. Exact proof that it was not just a phase.

P.S.- She used to do kind of depressing photography, and if you look hard enough on this site, you will find a hidden link to it. Now she is happy to do ceramics, creating creepy-cute monsters to spread her monster-y love.

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Alternative Dinnerware

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Cthulhu mug, demon mug, zombie mug, creature from the black lagoon mug, black phillip mug, cat mug, bat mug, goth mug, goth, creepy cute, angler fish mug, beholder mug, dungeons and dragons, bulbasaur mug, frankenstein mug, squirtle mug, ghost mug, fugu mug, mothman mug, unicorn mug, windigo mug, spider mug, octopus mug, yeti mug, angry panda, sloth mug.

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