A wild Wendigo, fresh picked from the pacific woodlands. Now, normally, these guys live in the Northeast United States and Canada, but this pup musta wandered west with his pack. I did find a baby one, too, so maybe there are more about this area. Or perhaps, there a bit of cannibalism going on around here that I am unaware of... hmmmm....

This guy is about 3.5" across and about 3.5" tall and holds about 12fl. ounces.
Glazed in my Speckled Brown Glaze that rests a rich, deep brown and flashes to purple where extra thick, breaking to tan where thin.

He is microwave safe, food safe, oven safe and dishwasher safe. I make all my own glazes, so I know they are non-toxic. It was thrown on the wheel then altered and had teeth added. He has his name (Boorish) his number (10,572), the Skeletaldropkick logo, the date, "Made in California, USA" and my signature on the bottom.

Windigo mug