Wampire Tea Bowl | Skeletal Dropkick

The Vampire! With bite marks!! He/she may be a bit intimidating, but you can likely outrun this one...

This mug is thrown from Coleman's Porcelain, a sturdy, high grade porcelain that has a lovely matte look unglazed. The inside of the mug is glazed in Ice Black because, Vampire.
It is about 4" wide and about 3" tall and holds about 10 fl oz.
It is microwave safe, food safe, oven safe and dishwasher safe. I make all my own glazes, and strictly avoid carcinogenic and toxic ingredients. It was hand thrown thrown on the wheel and then altered. He has his name (Deliberate) and number (9621) on the bottom as well as the Skeletal Dropkick logo and my name and the year.

Wampire Tea Bowl


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