A sticker sheet! Just like when we were kids! But this one is a little more hardcore than those. Included on the sheet are:
SkullBee, Black Phillip, Half-Cat-Blob, Tomato Bat, Queen Raccoon and Stay In Bed.
Overall sheet measures 6" by 4". Making hte stickers aobut 1" to 2". The Half-Cat_Blob come is 2 stickers so you can arrange her as needed.

Made from thick, durable vinyl that is waterproof, UV protected, can last outdoors up to 5 years with a permanent adhesive. I have had a one of these on my car for about 4 years and can attest to its durability. They can also go through the dishwasher repeatedy.

Sticker sheet of 6 designs


    Alternative Dinnerware

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