The mighty Angler, ready for your plants!
Fun fact about Angler fish: The bigger ones you see in movies and photos are the females. The males are much smaller and are born pretty damned helpless. The males blunder around in the dark until they find a female and then they bite her. Like grrrrr... until they are firmly attached. The female then forms skin around the male and end up sharing a vasculature. So when the female is ready to release eggs, she sends a hormone to her little male appendage and he releases sperm. Ahhh... deep-sea love <3

She is about 3.75" wide at the rim, by about 2.5" tall  with out the saucer and would hold about 9 fl oz if it weren't for the drain holes in the bottom. She comes with his own little saucer as well wihch measures 4" in diameter.

Glazed in my oxidized Shino that rests a gooey green and pools baby blue where thick.
As with all my stoneware, he was hand-thrown on the wheel and then altered (not like altered like one does to a dog, but altered like eyes and arms added...). She is also food safe, dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.
She has "Skeletal Dropkick", "Made in California USA" on the bottom.

Small Angler planter!