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The mighty angry Sea Monster, awaiting in the depths ro... I don't know, do somethign nefarious? Invite you to tea? I actually don't know what these monster do out in the ocean.

The galze ont his is an extra thick layering of my Oxidized Shino glaze that came out jsut beautifully. A blue-greyish green with deep rivulets of spotted darker grey wher thick.
She measures about 3.5" across and about 3.5" tall and holds about 12 ounces.
It was hand-thrown on the wheel and then altered (not like altered like one does to a dog, but altered like eyes and arms added...). He is also food safe, dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe.
He has his name (Bestow) his number (12,615), the Skeletal Dropkick logo, "Made in California, USA", the date and my signature on the bottom.

Sea Monster

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  • My dinnerware is fired up to 2,340• F. That is flipping HOT. I also make all my own glazes to ensure there are no harmful ingredients that can leach into your food/drink.
    Because of these 2 features, my peices can be put through the dishwasher with no worry, they can be placed in the microwave (although, they will get hot as the food/drink inside heats up) and you can bake in them, making cute littel souffles or amazing cobblers.

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