OK, so this one was thrown as a closed forma nd then gently cut into and separated to form the lid. Doing this on a rounded form is reallt difficutl because as you cut hte lid off, it become smaller than the base, so you have to hand shape the base to make it fit. And this lid fits abostultely perfectly. It is colored with slip, so it is NOT food safe. It is also a bit more fragile than my other peieces due to the thinness of where the lid meets the base.
But it is damned cute! And so flipping happy! I am really happy with how this one turned out. I sincerely doubt I will be able to replicate this.
These little guys grow free in the wilds of the California coast, frolicking through wildflowers and sea lion carcasses. 

This one measures about 2.5" tall (with lid) by about 2.5" in diameter. 

Teal Royal Desk Demon jar