The Shrooms are here!!! Now in mug form. I am so happy with these guys :)
It is thrown in 2 separate peices, the mug glazed in my Yellow Salt glaze that rests a smooth almost matte cream and breaks tan where thin and the lid glazed in a dynamic violet that rests lavender and breaks deep blue where thin.
So cute! With a little butt! 
This one is 4.5" tall with the lid and 5" wide at the lid. The mug itself holds about 12 fluid ounces. 
Hand built from B-mix clay, she is Food, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. 
She has her name (Slick) her number (11,407), my initials, year made, "Skeletal Dropkick" and "Made in California, USA" on the bottom.

Mushroom MUG

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