A wild Mothman, fresh picked from the Appalachian hollers of West Virginia. While legend has it the MothMan can change shape and become human if he needs to, I have never seen this mug do anything other than sit around, being a mug. But hey, who knows what happens when I am not looking?

This one has no handle, you must cuddle her!
This guy is about 3" across and about 4" tall and holds about 11 fl. ounces. Glazed in my dynamic Rendered Marl Glaze that rests a deep brown and flashes a lighter brown where thick. See last pic for details. I seriously love this glaze :)
He is microwave safe, food safe, oven safe and dishwasher safe. I make all my own glazes, so I know they are non-toxic. It was thrown on the wheel then altered and had teeth added. He has his name (Nervy) his number (8163), the Skeletal Dropkick logo, the date, "Made in California, USA" and my signature on the bottom.

Mothman Tumbler


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