I know, it is not Krampus season, but I am trying out a new design. this is a rough draft, the fianl will probabaly turn out a little different, but I like this one a lot :)
This one came out a little too goat-ish for me.
It measures about 3.5" wide (at the rim) by about 3" tall and holds about 11 fl. oz.
Gazed in the Matte black glaze that rests smooth and non-glossy black, the inside is glazed in my Rendered Marl Glaze that rests a deep brown and flashes with specks of black and mossy-green while breaking to copper where thin.
It is microwave safe, food safe, oven safe and dishwasher safe. I make all my own glazes, and strictly avoid carcinogenic and toxic ingredients. It was hand thrown on the wheel and then altered.  On the bottom there are the Skeletal Dropkick logo and "Made in California, USA", his name, (Tractable) and his number (10.597)