Happy Fugu Fish Mug | Skeletal Dropkick

The large fugu! All puffed up, yet still terribly happy about it all. See her big smile? And the TONGUE!!!
A nice and tactile mug to hold! I left off a couple of spikes off the back rim, so that if you are left handed, you can still sip without getting stabbed. Such a bonus!
She is glazed in the rich Tempered Blue glaze that rest soft baby blue and breaks an apple green where thin.
It is microwave safe, food safe and dishwasher safe. I make all my own glazes, so I know they are non-toxic.
It is about 3.5" across and about 3.25" tall and holds about 14 fluid ounces. It was thrown on the wheel then altered and had spikes and eyes and fins added. I kinda forgot to number nad name this one @.@  Sorry ... :(
It does have the Skeletal Dropkick logo, "Made in California, U.S.A.", the date and my signature on the bottom. At least there is that.

Happy Fugu Fish Mug


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