Trhown from Laguna Granite clay, this mug has a really unique look. It feels and looks like granite, see pictures for details. The rim of htemug is smooth so that it is pleasant to feel.
Each Gargoyle is kinda different. That is what is making them fun to make. Different eyes, different mouth, ears, wings, so may ways to make a gargoyle.
The outside is left unlgazed to show off this great clay body and hte inside is glazed in my Ice Black Glaze that rests a smooth and glossy black and pools to silver specks where thick.
She is about 3.5" wide at the rim, by about 3.25" tall and holds about 12 fl oz.
As with all my stoneware, she was hand-thrown on the wheel and then altered (not like altered like one does to a dog, but altered like eyes and arms added...). She is also food safe, dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.
She has "Skeletal Dropkick", "Made in California USA", her number (10,907), her name (Itch), the year made and my signature on the bottom.

Gargoyle mug