I made this set about 9 years ago for a customer that I then lost contact with :(
It is on sale because it is so old and also because a tentacle came up off hte body on the mug and the lid only fits in one direction. It fits really well that way, but has to be plcaed with the tentacle perpendicular to the pot or it doesn't work :(
So 25% off

Included is:
Teapot (Disavow, 4802)

Sugar pot (Anxiety, 4745)
Creamer (Ascent, 4783)
1 mug (Agitation, 4744)

All matching and happy together :)
A little bit of evil to brew your morning tea? Nothing beats tea y from the elder god himself...
The teapot is about 10" wide, from handle to spout tip and about 5" tall and holds about 20 fl oz.
Sugar- 3.5" tall by 4.75" wide holds about 9 fl oz

Creamer- 3' tall by 4" wide, holds about 7 fl oz
Mug- 2.5" tall by 3.75" wide. The mug has a place where the tentacle came up off hte body a little , please see last pic.
Glazed in my Yellow Salt glaze that rests a smooth almost matte cream and breaks tan where thin. This batch turned out really smooth nd creamy. Mmmmm...

They were hand-thrown on the wheel and then altered (altered like eyes and arms added...). He is also food safe, dishwasher and microwave safe.
Names and numbers on the bottm as well as  Skeletal Dropkick logo, "Made in California, U.S.A." the date and my signature.

4- piece Sugar Skull Cthulhu Tea Set--SALE

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