A tribute to a person who had a large influence in my teen years, growing up. Bowie was not afraid to be who he was at all times in his life. He set an example that we can be who we want to and love who we want to.
There it sits. Mighty and pensive. Stoic and majestic. The Yeti. With fierce claws! And a little, nubby tail.

This coffee mug is thrown from Coleman's Porcelain, a sturdy, high grade porcelain that has a lovely matte look unglazed. 

He is about 3.5" wide by about 3.5" tall and holds about 10 Fl.Oz. The inside of the mug is glazed, this one in my Ice black glaze that rests dee black and pools silver where thick The outside was left unglazed and while it looks incredibly cool, it does stand a chance to pick up a stain if it left with a staining liquid (like coffee, tea, etc) on the outside of it for more than an hour or so. So this mug needs a little more care than my other mugs. I glazed around the rim to avoid any lipstick stainage...
It is, however, still oven, microwave, dishwasher and food safe, so it is totally usable.
I make all my own glazes, and strictly avoid carcinogenic and toxic ingredients. It was hand thrown thrown on the wheel and then altered. He has his name (Entice) and number(9367) on the bottom as well as the Skeletal Dropkick logo, "Made in California, USA" and my name and the year.

Aladdin Sane Yeti


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